Sunny Iceland

30-04 034

The garden in front of my house

30-04 027

Taken from Klambratún

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Flower in Klambratún

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Green leaves in the garden in front of my house

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First Day of Summer

Gleðilegt sumar! Happy First Day of Summer!

Yes people, you read this correctly. Today is the first day of summer according to the Old Norse calender. This calender divided the year into only two seasons, winter and summer. The first day of summer is the first Thursday after the 18th of April (of course, seems legit…) and in Iceland it’s a public holiday, so this means it’s a day off for the Icelandic people.

Just one week ago snow was raging and temperatures hit around 1 °C. This week the weather has been better. Yesterday for example it was a dazzling 11 °C, and there was no wind and a lot of sun. In Iceland this means that people immediately start wearing shorts and tank tops, which really made me laugh. 🙂 But I have to admit that even for me it felt warm and I had to walk around with unzipped jacket.

Only in Iceland…



Trip to Hveragerði

I went on a trip during the weekend of the 5th and 6th of April because of the Secrets of the South festival (or more specific, because of free buses that were running in the south of Iceland because of this festival). I went to Hveragerði, a small town about 45 kilometers from Reykjavik. Hveragerði is known for its geothermal activity and the greenhouses. In Iceland a lot of vegetables are domestically grown, like tomatoes, mushrooms and bell peppers. There has been experimenting with growing bananas too, but these days bananas are imported (sorry to tell you this Renée). Hveragerði  is also one of the towns where you can bake bread in the geothermal ground, using it as an oven, or cook stuff in a hotspring, because why not. 😛

weekend 5 en 6 april 00122 weekend 5 en 6 april 00622 weekend 5 en 6 april 00822 weekend 5 en 6 april 00922


And what I kind of wanted to write about before but haven’t done yet, is that I’ve been seeing someone for some time now. I didn’t go to Hveragerði alone, and actually he was present at a lot of things that I wrote about in this blog. However, because of privacy reasons I’m still not going to tell a lot about this. But on the other hand it sort of started to feel weird not to mention it at all too. Just give me a shout if this news has awakened your curiosity. 🙂


Work is going alright, I get enough assignments. Also, I put the finishing touch to the book about eating disorders. It will be published in October/November 2014. And on the 12th of April I saw pretty strong Northern lights again. I had’t seen them for more than a month so it was a very nice surprise.

aurora2 aurora3

I would like to go to more concerts! Oh, and in only about two weeks the puffins are coming! Yay, puffins!


It was difficult not to notice that spring arrived in the Netherlands. I can only pretend that I’m not jealous. Would be lovely to drink a cup of coffee in the sun. Even though the weather may not be as great as in Holland temperatures hit almost 10 °C this week, so I guess I can’t complain.The sun is beginning to shine more and of course there’s a lot of daylight already. The time difference with the Netherlands is now two hours. In Iceland it is two hours earlier. At the moment the sunrise is at 6.39 and sunset is at 20.25. This means the day is 13 hours and 45 minutes. In the Netherlands the sunrise is at 7.11 and sunset is at 20.18, which makes a day of 13 hours and 7 minutes. This difference will grow and grow and grow the next couple of months, with almost no darkness in Iceland in July. Quite interesting. 🙂

What have I been up to? After Patricia left I missed her a little bit, but It was very nice to have time for a decent amount of work again. I also went to a couchsurfing meeting. I hadn’t been able to go there for some time because I didn’t feel well enough, but this time I was feeling better because of the antibiotics and had an extra reason to go. Eamonn, one of Patricia’s friends, arrived in Iceland 1,5 weeks ago and went to the meeting too. It’s a pity that he’d just missed Patricia, but it was nice to meet with him! He joined the board game night on Wednesday and we played Pandemic (ha!). Also, I started learning Icelandic again (finally) and went to the small pool that’s located on five minutes walking distance from my home (also: finally).

Tonight I’m going to eat Icelandic sushi for the first time. And because there’s a festival in Iceland offering free buses to the south I might go on a trip somewhere during the weekend, but I’m not sure yet! More on that next time. 😉