Busy times

This is a busy month, because my work as an editor consists partly of editing theses. The end of the second semester is in sight so I get lots of requests. I expect this to continue in June. I’ve been working on reports about fairy tales in the eighteen hundreds, the translation of dialects, future plans of one of the biggest newspapers in the Netherlands, and so forth and so forth. So these are busy times, but next to editing I also spent time planning THE trip of the summer (the Westfjords and the north of Iceland), and it’s going to be great!

Of course working isn’t the only thing that I’ve been doing. Every week I attend the couchsurfing meetings, and since a couple of weeks these are organized in a very nice place called IÐA Zimsen. This is a book and coffee shop with a wooden floor, comfortable chairs and large windows. It’s a cozy and quiet place. Also I try to go to the board game evenings every week. Last Wednesday we played the card game Munchkin. I played this game a lot when I was sixteen and it was so much fun to play it again. And one and a half weeks ago I entered a pub quiz for the first time in my life and this was fun to do as well (didn’t win though).

Another thing that’s new is that I found a group of people to cook vegan meals with. We’ve had two meetings so far. The food ‘we’ (they) made is amazing. Because of these meetings I learned about a delicious Spanish omelet without egg, banana muffins, peanut butter/sweet potato casserole (with garlic, say what?), textured soy soup, blueberry smoothies and of course there’s also loads of hummus and bread. I made sushi. ^_^ Hurrah for all these great recipes!


My sushi 😛

This week I found a travel journal from my trip to Iceland in 2009. It was great to read it again.

Here in the highlands there are no people to be seen, there are no animals and no roads. An alienating moon landscape with volcanoes and glaciers is all around. Black ground covered by grey clouds. Nothingness as far as the eyes can see, no houses, no trees, no life. This is a place where I can breathe. I must be Icelandic on the inside.

Feeling patriotic again ;-)

Feeling patriotic again 😉

Bless bless!


Light confusion

There is more and more light in Iceland! That’s why I wanted to write something about light confusion, something that I haven’t experienced before. When I first arrived in Iceland at the end of December it was very dark. I could see proper sunlight around 11.00/11.30, but at 15.30 I could see the sun going down again. The effect of this on me was that I felt very sleepy. My body didn’t give me the sign to wake up (luckily I like sleeping?). My problems with the lack of sunlight were the most present in the mornings. I haven’t slept longer than usual, but only because I always set the alarm, which prevented me from sleeping till noon. I do have to say that when I was awake I had no problems staying awake. In the evening (or: afternoon) I had less problems with the darkness, and I even kind of liked it. Also, my general mood wasn’t affected by this (I didn’t feel down, something you hear a lot when people don’t see the sun for a long period of time, but who knows what next winter will do).

Now light confusion is kicking in. We’ve had some normal daylight in March (comparable to the Netherlands, that is). In April I started getting confused, and this resulted in me thinking the same sentence over and over again: My god, there’s so much light. But now in May it’s getting more extreme, and of course we’re not even close to the longest day yet. What are the effects of so much daylight? I’ve said it a couple of times already, but I just feel confused! It’s like my brain and my body are not working together anymore. My brain tells me what time it is, and lets me know when I should do certain things, like going to sleep. My body tells me a completely different story. At half past eleven in the evening my body says to me that it’s time to go outside, and tricks me into thinking that it’s morning. My body kind of wants to give me the idea that a new day is starting, when actually it’s time to go to bed. How to handle that? First of all I see this as a new experience, so even though I don’t really like the feeling, I do like the fact that it is a process I haven’t been going through before. It’s interesting to notice how my body and mind seem to work in different ways, sometimes going directly against each other. Secondly I bought a sleeping mask some weeks ago and I started using this. It helps, but of course only after I put it on, so it doesn’t really prevent my body from getting a lot of energy before that. I have to say that so far the lightness is affecting me more than the darkness.

Okay, I guess this is what I wanted to say about this topic, I hope I explained it well enough. 😛

Then to finish off with some random thoughts:

1)      Hurrah, there is way less rain in Iceland than in the Netherlands. I do notice this and I am enjoying this.

2014_05_09_19_25_09_Amsterdam_Netherlands_Weather_Averages_Monthly_Average_High_and_Low_Temperatu regen ijsland(http://www.worldweatheronline.com/)

2)      I love the trustfulness of Icelandic society.

3)      I kind of miss the craziness/energy of Amsterdam, even though I also love the quietness here.

4)      Stuff is too expensive.

Okay, thanks for reading! 🙂