Autumn rainbow

Haven’t written a lot for this blog lately. Of course I’ve been travelling around Iceland during the summer. Here are my five favorite pictures so far.


I also started posting blogs to another site, as blogger for the Iceland Writers Retreat. I posted this to Facebook, but here is the link for all my non-Facebook friends: My blog for Iceland Writers Retreat. 🙂

Work is going well, I’m happy to say I’m working for three publishing houses at the moment, this is especially good since it was getting quiet with the theses (which makes sense in September).

Days are getting shorter here. For comparison:

Reykjavík: sunrise 7.19 and sunset 19.18

Amsterdam: sunrise 7.33 and sunset 19.30

So it’s still quite similar, but this will soon change … at least I don’t need my sleeping mask anymore. 😛

Also it’s definitely fall (lots of rain!), but I like the colors and light of autumn, and yesterday there was this amazing double rainbow. 🙂