Visiting the Netherlands

Souvenirs are bought, all my bags are packed and I’m even checked-in already. This evening I’m going to a fancy Christmas dinner, and after that I can try to sleep for a couple of hours. I have to wake up at 3.30, and then take the bus at 4.30. At 11.40 I will be in The Netherlands, yay!

Good news is that I will be travelling with my flatmate. She booked the same flight without knowing it (just like last year) haha.

I have a very busy week ahead of me! It’s filled with friends, family, dinner parties, visiting former colleagues, coffee dates, dentist (nooo), shopping, going to the movies and of course Christmas. And maybe my portrait will be taken for an interview about Dutch people living in Iceland (but that’s not 100% sure yet).

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon! O, and I’m also looking forward to seeing the sun! 😉