Bits and pieces II

I don’t have a lot of time but I really feel like writing some random things down.

1) Next week, on the 23rd of April, it’s the first day of summer in Iceland! And we’re finally going to see Icelandic baby goats! I’ve been looking forward to this trip since December.

2) This week we booked a summer house for the beginning of June. It’s located in the middle of nowhere with trees and a lake!

3) Filing a complaint and getting a building inspector are, of course, super complicated things. I’m gathering information to write a blog about bureaucracy in a couple of months (I see this as participatory research). So far, lots of emails sent and documents filed but we’re not one bit closer to anything, basically.

4) My website was hacked this week. This caused some stress but my cousin got my website back online. Thanks cousin! 🙂

5) I’m thinking about getting a full-time summer job instead of a part-time job. Mainly because my ongoing search for a part-time job isn’t really paying off. I’m thinking a lot about the effects this will have on Actie Redactie and if it’s a good idea or not. Maybe a summer job will get me the contacts I need for a part-time job?

6) They’re looking for people at The Arctic Fox Centre in the Westfjords! I’m not going to apply there because the Westfjords are too far away. 😉 But foxes are so cute.

Arctic Foxes

Have a nice weekend!