New things

A little over a month ago I moved in with my boyfriend. Now I live in a cozy attic apartment in downtown Reykjavik. The location is perfect, super close to the main shopping street filled with coffee shops. Also it’s close to Sólfar, or The Sun Voyager. All is going very well here and I enjoy living together a lot. This new situation has given me energy to take on some new activities.

When I moved to Iceland one of my goals was to swim a lot because the swimming pools in Iceland are very good and cheap compared to swimming pools in other countries. In the past two years I did swim from time to time, but since I moved I actually swim on a weekly basis. I bought an unlimited swimming card for half a year and since a month I swim from one to three times a week.

Also, I finally know what I need to enjoy cooking: a normal kitchen that I have all to myself (last time I had that was when I lived in my ‘spacebox/container’ on campus in Utrecht). I’ve been cooking a lot of new dishes with fresh ingredients and I enjoy making food from scratch. I’ve basically turned into a professional vegan lasagna chef. 😉 Also I enjoy making different curries and soups, shepherd’s pie, falafel, French toast, banana bread, chocolate muffins etc, etc.

The Sunday brunches are a third awesome change. Because my former flatmates and I don’t want to miss each other for too long we decided to eat brunch together every Sunday. Our brunches are pretty great: mushrooms, tomatoes, beans, toast, soy yogurt, fruit, croissants, orange juice, mimosas, fresh coffee and more!

Lastly I went to a writers’ club for the first time last Wednesday. This club welcomes writers from all nationalities and backgrounds. The meeting started with a writing session of ninety minutes. After that everyone could share their works. I love writing, and next to this blog I write quite a lot of stuff that is kept private. I hope this club helps me to get over my fear of sharing my fictional works with other people.

The darkness has definitely arrived. The daylight lamp is doing wonders so far, but I think I’m going to buy a wake-up light in addition to the daylight lamp. First a fake sunrise to get out of bed, and then fake sunlight and a cup of coffee to wake up for real (seems legit).

And: I’ll be home for Christmas again this year, thanks to my friends and family! In about a month I’ll be in the Netherlands for ten days! 🙂