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Road trip (among other things)

On the 7th of January a solar event had happened, and as a result there were supposed to be a lot of Northern lights on the 9th and 10th of January. When I read about this I got really excited and have been actively looking for people to go on a tour with. There were a lot of people enthusiastic about the plan, and in the end I managed to get eight people together, and two cars. We met on the 9th at nine o’clock in the evening at Hlemmur. A nice group of people from all over the world, and eveybody was very excited to see the Northern lights… We have been driving through very dark and isolated parts of Iceland for five hours. The weather conditions were allright, with a lot of clear skies. Unfortunately the lights were shy this evening an decided not to come out, or at least, not like we had hoped for. At one point we saw a green glow at the horizan though, and two times there were small outbursts. The first time you could see the lights getting stronger from behind a couple of mountains. This looked promising enough, but they disappeared quickly. The second time we saw a dark green stripe in the sky and for a short time I saw light green lights that moved from one side to the other. This was pretty amazing to see, but happened too quick to take pictures of. Expectations were pretty high, so I’m definitely not done hunting yet!

The next morning I got a message from Michael, whom I had met the day before. He said that a couple of people were leaving on a one day trip and asked if I wanted to join. I had some work planned, but felt like I couldn’t turn down this offer, so immediately responded that I loved to join! Half an hour later I sat in the car and was on my way to some hot springs. The weather was really bad though, so we couldn’t hike up the mountain to get to the springs. Instead, we decided to go to Seljalandsfoss. This is a beautiful waterfall on the south coast of Iceland. You can actually stand behind the waterfall, which gives an amazing view. When we got there the stairs to the waterfall were frozen, and because I’m not a daredevil I decided to stay in front of the waterfall (I’ve done it already a couple of years ago and will do it again in summer ;-)). The others did go behind it and were impressed. After that we went to Vík, the most southern point of Iceland. It’s a small village that consists of 300 people. When we got there it was already completely dark, so we couldn’t go to the beach and see the trolls in the sea. Luckily I had seen the beach before. On our way back we got caught in a snowstorm. The weather was really bad and we almost got in a car accident. The almost accident has actually been taped on video, because Michael had been taping the whole trip with his GoPro (if you want to see the video, just let me know ;-)).

After these two amazing trips it was time to start working again, so I did that for two days. Also I had some catching up to do on sleeping, because on Monday I started my Icelandic language course. In class I noticed quickly that I knew the least Icelandic of the whole group, even though it’s level 1. The others have been in Iceland longer (varying from five months to two and a half years). The teacher doesn’t speak any English in the classroom, so that was something I had to adapt to rapidly. Today I went for the second time and I really enjoyed the lesson.  I am looking forward to learning more! Although I don’t know the other students very well yet, I already like the people in my Icelandic group. As you can read in the sidebar under ‘My plans for 2014’ I was looking for people to play Pandemic with. I actually found people who know and play Pandemic among my fellow students! I’m really happy with this! I haven’t played yet, but surely will do so soon.

Three random facts to wrap up: 1) I went to The Laundromat Cafe a couple of times. It’s a cafe where you can do your laundry, eat (vegan) sandwiches or french fries, drink coffee, chat and work all at the same time. I like the atmosphere there and I think it’s very practical, so it’s a good find. 2) One of the cats in the flat loves to steal socks. I have to keep my drawers closed, otherwise she takes my socks as prey. I caught her red-handed one time. She looked really guilty, while holding the socks between her teeth. Very cute. 🙂 3) I haven’t taken a lot of pictures, which is certainly unlike me. Somehow I didn’t find the time for it yet…

Allright, that’s it for now, good night to all! 🙂